Cabinet Construction

Cabinet boxes, face frames, doors, drawers and more.
We fabricate all cabinet parts in our own shop.


Guide to cabinet construction methods


This quick guide to cabinet construction methods explains some of the styles and techniques commonly used in our shop.

Cabinet box (face frame)

The sides, top and bottom are all glued and dadoed into the solid wood face frame. The sides, top and bottom are ½” maple plywood. The backs are ¼” maple plywood. All the shelves are ¾” maple plywood and adjustable.

Cabinet box (frameless)

The sides, top, bottom and back are assembled using blind dadoes, glue and screws. All parts, including the adjustable shelves are ¾” maple plywood.

Face frame

The face frames are made of solid wood 7/8” thick with varying widths. They are glued and screwed together.

Door stiles & rails

The five piece doors use the cope and stile or the miter joint (biscuit) assembly methods. The standard raised or recessed panel doors use the cope and stile method. The door styles using a bead require the miter joint method.


The boxes are made of ½” thick poplar/maple sides with dovetail corners. The bottoms are ¼" maple plywood totally enclosed on all four sides. The slides are a full extension concealed slide with soft close. The static load capacity is 100 lbs. with a dynamic load capacity of 75 lbs.

Choosing a cabinet design

door styles
door styles

Cabinet door styles are a great place to start with your new cabinet design. Browse our selection of sample styles and find your own inspiration.

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our finishes
door styles

Continue with our selection of finishes and refine your choice; or use your favorite finish as a starting point for your project.

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