Cypress Valley Log Homes

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Cypress Valley Log Homes is an authorized, independent dealer for BK Cypress log homes

When you want more than a cabin...

Cypress Valley Log Homes LLC was founded in 2000, by the Gillard family, John, Toni, and their two daughters Kelly and Jill. It was a natural extension of their family construction business and custom cabinet shop. John's love for log homes led him to BK Cypress located in Bronson Florida. Planning to build a log home for himself, he was intrigued with the qualities of the Tidewater Red Cypress. Those qualities include the tight dense grain, minimal shrinkage and checking and the natural resistance to rot, decay and termite infestation. Not to mention the Sixty-Year Limited warranty. After all, logs are the most important part of a log house, and Tidewater Red Cypress is the best species available.