Cypress Valley Log Homes

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Cypress Valley Log Homes is an authorized, independent dealer for BK Cypress log homes

Log Grading

By using a company who grades their logs, you can rest assured that every log will meet the stringent criteria set forth by the American Society for Testing and Material. They developed the “Standard Methods for Establishing Stress Grades for Structural Members” used on log buildings in 1980 to provide uniform product evaluation standards. These standards are used by BK Cypress for grading their logs, timbers and beams under the supervision of the Timber Products Inspection (T.P.I.), an independent inspection agency for wood products.

Criteria used to inspect the logs, timbers and beams:

  • - Slope of the grain
  • - Knots
  • - Shakes and Checks
  • - Straightness
  • - Sears and Wanes
  • - Holes
  • - Organic Degradation

The benefits of log grading:

Design: Being able to determine the structural capacity of each log, timber and beam allows an engineer, architect or draftsperson to properly design the structure based on a national ASTM standard for reliable continuity of strength against typical types of structural failure.

Building Permits: The owner is telling the city/county permitting office that they have selected a quality certified log manufacturer that supplies consistent quality and strength in their logs, timbers and beams.

Financing: By selecting graded logs, timbers and beams, the home owner is telling the lender that they have selected a quality certified log manufacturer that assures quality and strength in the log home.